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Stackage Handover Completed

I’m happy to announce the completion of the handover of to the Haskell Foundation.

Thanks to FP Complete’s effort and dedication, Stack and Stackage have been part of the Haskell community for ten years. These tools opened up wider adoption of Haskell and introduced new ways of working on Haskell projects of all sizes. The Stack approach to dependency management—using fixed package sets—offered an alternative to the solver-based approach used by cabal-install. While useful in its own right, simply having more than one approach to dependency management spurred development across the ecosystem. Today we see friendly collaboration and cross-pollination between the Stack and Cabal communities. I believe we have already entered a period of renewed evolution of the Haskell tooling world.

The Haskell Foundation’s mission is to broaden Haskell adoption by supporting its ecosystem of tools, libraries, education, and research. Administering Stackage is a direct embodiment of that mission! As administrators, we look forward to supporting the developers and curators of the Stack and Stackage. These tools have always been open to community contribution, and that is only more true now. The Foundation facilitates the community, but it’s the community that drives innovation. I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Once again, thank you to FP Complete for providing these tools, and thank you to the Haskell Foundation’s sponsors for enabling this kind of work.

51 – Victor Cacciari Miraldo

Victor Miraldo is interviewed by Niki and Joachim and walks us through this career from a student falling in love with List.foldr through a PhD student using agda to verify cryptographic data structures and generic diff and merge algorithms to a professional developer using Haskell in production. He’ll tell us why the Haskell community is too smart, why there should be a safePerformIO, and that he hopes that Software Engineering could be less like alchemy.

2024 Haskell Ecosystem Workshop

Building on-ramps for the Haskell Ecosystem and its Tools


June 6-7, 2024


Rapperswil, Switzerland

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