We're getting started! Watch Simon Peyton Jones announce the Haskell Foundation (HF) at the Haskell eXchange conference on November 4, 2020. In this talk, Simon talks about why we are launching this new organization and its goals. At the end, he is joined by a panel of HF volunteers to take questions from the audience.

Haskell is not “just another programming language”: it embodies a radical and elegant attack on the entire enterprise of writing software. It profoundly influences the world of software for the better. The Haskell Foundation (HF) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to broadening the adoption of Haskell, by supporting its ecosystem of tools, libraries, education, and research.

Our Ethos:

Faithfulness to Haskell’s founding design principles. Haskell’s design puts principle ahead of expediency by cleaving closely to the principles of purely functional programming.

Open source. All Haskell Foundation efforts are open source.

Empowering the community. HF sees itself as a means to augment, celebrate, and coordinate the contributions and leadership of Haskell’s vibrant community.

Openness, friendliness, and diversity. For many, Haskell is more a way of life than a programming language. All are welcome, all can contribute. To this end we have adopted the Haskell Guidelines For Respectful Communication.

Transparency. All technical decisions related to HF’s open source projects will be transparent.

How to follow HF Developments

Haskell Foundation Board of Directors Call for Nominations

The Haskell Foundation has issued a call for nominations to the Board of Directors. Nominations will remain open until January 11, 2021. New Board members will be selected by the interim members of the Board of Directors.

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