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An independent, non-profit organization dedicated to broadening the adoption of Haskell, by supporting its ecosystem of tools, libraries, education, and research.

The Haskell Certification Program

Serokell and the Haskell Foundation are excited to announce a community-led Haskell Certification program. Serokell has developed an online testing platform for administering practical and theoretical Haskell problems. Haskell is a complex language, offering a wide range of techniques and features for programmers. It’s simply not feasible for a novice or intermediate programmer to master them all. The goal of the Haskell certification is to help standardize what it means to ‘know Haskell’ at various levels of experience.

As a community driven effort, we are soliciting self-nomination for volunteers to take part in the organization and decision-making around the certification process. These volunteers will help determine how the certification process evolves and which questions are relevant to the various experience levels of a Haskell programmer. Volunteers from organizations that use Haskell professionally are especially welcome.

Please send your self-nomination to by the end of July 10th 2024.

52 – Pepe Iborra

Andres and Sam interview Pepe Iborra, exploring his journey from academia via banking to now Meta. In this episode, we discuss Pepe’s involvement in the evolution of the Haskell ecosystem, in particular the ongoing journey to improve the developer experience via work on debuggers, build systems and IDEs.

2024 Haskell Ecosystem Workshop

Building on-ramps for the Haskell Ecosystem and its Tools


June 6-7, 2024


Rapperswil, Switzerland

Not “just another programming language”

Haskell embodies a radical and elegant attack on the entire enterprise of writing software. It profoundly influences the world of software for the better.

Our Ethos

Ideas that guide our every decision

Faithfulness to Haskell’s founding design principles.

Haskell’s design puts principle ahead of expediency by cleaving closely to the principles of purely functional programming.

Open source.

All Haskell Foundation efforts are open source.

Empowering the community.

HF augments, celebrates, and coordinates the contributions and leadership of Haskell’s vibrant community.

Openness, friendliness, and diversity.

For many, Haskell is more a way of life than a programming language. All are welcome, all can contribute. To this end we have adopted the Haskell Guidelines For Respectful Communication.


All technical decisions related to HF’s open source projects are proposed and debated in public.

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