Donating To The Haskell Foundation

Individuals can donate to the Haskell Foundation and help us drive broader adoption of the Haskell language. Click the button to donate through PayPal!


Sponsoring The Haskell Foundation

Many enterprises use Haskell and its compiler, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC), for free. In the spirit of open source, the Haskell Foundation provides an opportunity for those enterprises to give back to the community and toolchain from which they benefit. Maintaining and developing reliable toolchains takes a huge amount of nitty-gritty engineering work.

Contributions to the Haskell Foundation are tax-deductible where applicable, and are used to sponsor our open source initiatives that ensure that research and development continues at the same world-class pace for years to come.

If you or your organization might interested in sponsoring the Haskell Foundation please contact us at to start the conversation.

Sponsorship Levels


USD $10k+ / year

Receive ongoing acknowledgements on social media channels and have a small logo displayed on the HF website.


USD $25k+ / year

Have your logo and story featured in the Supporter Spotlight on the website and newsletter, a medium- sized logo displayed on the HF website, and receive ongoing recognition on our social media pages.


USD $70k+ / year

All of the benefits of Functor and Applicative sponsorships, with the addition of a full interview for the Haskell Foundation blog, as well as having your logo prominently displayed on the HF website.

In-Kind Support

Non-financial contributions to HF are also welcome. As a volunteer-based organization, the Haskell Foundation needs volunteers who can work on software, documentation, promotion, and other tasks to support the HF affiliated projects and the Haskell community. Individuals who contribute their own time or on behalf of their company are the backbone of our organization. Please reach out to us at to learn more about how you can volunteer or offer in-kind support.

Individual Sponsors
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