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In Progress

The Haskell Error Index

The Haskell Error Index is a community-driven repository of detailed documentation for Haskell errors and warnings.

Project Leader
David Thrane Christiansen
David Thrane Christiansen

GHC Platform CI

Bryan Richter is working full-time for the Haskell Foundation to improve GHC’s CI implementation, focusing on reliability and observability

Project Staff
Bryan Richter
Bryan Richter

Security Advisory Database

A security advisory database for Hackage, inspired by those for Rust and NPM.

Project Leader
David Thrane Christiansen
David Thrane Christiansen

Text-UTF8 Migration

The UTF-8 character set encoding is the industry standard. Haskell Foundation drove the effort behind the migration of the core text libraries to use UTF-8 as a default. This will have a positive effect on text performance of many Haskell programs.

Project Leaders
Andrew Lelechenko
Andrew Lelechenko
Emily Pillmore
Emily Pillmore
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